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Our paratransit and fixed route apps are great for all types of operations. These flexible cloud computing tools work with all fleet sizes. Get started with a monthly subscription where we convert your data, take care of the cloud hosting and get your staff trained. If you’re looking for a custom app, we can tailor one to your specific requirements.

Explore these topics to learn about our company. We’re different from the other transit technology vendors. No other company will provide you with the opportunity to own your app.

View our Blue Dog paratransit app web site and our Red Dog fixed route app web site.

To discuss how owning your own app or a subscription can help you, please call us at 407-909-1270 or send us an email

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Own your web app

If you’re looking for a better tool for your operation, a web app customized to your unique needs may be the ticket. You may want us to create the customized app or have your IT professionals do it. Either way, the foundation is our stable and production proven technology. That means your custom app is completed quickly and you avoid the risk of developing from scratch.

Be in Control

We do it

Buy an asset you control. You'll benefit from having a Code Choppers custom application designed by you for your operation. It will have the features and functions you need. It will work the way you run your operation.

Built to your specs

We do it

We provide you with the building blocks to create your own custom app. The code we offer powers various operations throughout the country.

When you purchase our source code you can utilize in-house and local resources enhance, support and maintain your web app.  Because of its stability and maturity, there’s minimal development risk. You’ll have complete control.

Our source code is comprised of the predominant LAMP browser development components.

Built by your IT pros


If you’re not ready for a custom app you can still get our paratransit and fixed route apps through subscriptions.

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You have concerns

Being anxious or frustrated is not fun or productive. Many transportation professionals have come to accept it as part of the software licensing experience. You can be assured you’re not alone in agonizing over such things as expensive support contracts, changing technology, and hackers. You’ve noticed the vendor is investing your support fees in marketing and not their software. On top of all those anxieties, you know there must be a way to get more out of your transit app.


Dread the next annual support contract price increase? Worried you may be forced to convert to another program, platform, or different version at the whim of outsiders? Concerned about the future plans your vendor may be contemplating, including dropping support for the older version you're running? Afraid of being charged huge fees for new versions? Scared of not knowing who has access to your databases. Not getting the assistance you need?

You don't need to be anxious about the future of your transit software. Leave the software licensing game, along with all its uncertainties. Own one of the most important tools in your operation. Pay only for the support and enhancements you want and put those savings into other priorities.

No Longer


Tired of reeducating a new support person every time you call for assistance? Have you been waiting for your vendor to develop a new browser based application using state-of-the-art technology? Are you getting the features and enhancements you want and need? Can you get support for the old legacy system you're running, even if the vendor is still in business?

Your time is too valuable to be frustrated with your transit software. When you own your app you're in control. You determine the features and enhancements to be added and when they get done. Have developers work for you, at your agency or organization. What can be better than that?

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